While we believe in the brand-enhancing power of excellent design, we also understand the value of usability in our design work, and see it as the cornerstone of excellent online design

HT Legal.

Human Trafficking legal Center, together with our pro bono attorney partners, fights for justice for trafficking survivors. With pro bono attorneys by their sides, trafficking survivors can reclaim their lives.


Virtual Personal Assistant. (AI technology)

Senssum will change the way we interact with technology. Like Uber and Airbnb, who streamlined complex industries, Senssum empowers small business’s to engage ideal customers in Real-time.

Big Picture.

Big Picture Medical is an AI medical technology company focusing on bringing specialised healthcare services to more people in remote or under serviced locations, through AI technology.


PEOPLE + SPACES. Are you a business with spare space? Do you have an office with a few spare desks? ALTSPC is an online business that facilitates the renting out of space office and community spaces. The reversed out circle shows that negative space can become a positive.

E-Lab Training.

A new look to group training. Focused on performance tracing and new training techniques. A clean, bold and versatile logo was needed to present the gym to a heavily populated market place.

Esquire Collective.

Esquire Collective is an entrepreneurial company with a focus on sport, entertainment and lifestyle events and marketing. They required a new brand identity, website design and launch promotional material.

Logo design for Human Resources company

Logo design for a new company dealing with Human Resources. A young team, they needed a strong brand that promoted their individuality.

LifeCycle Fitness.

From where you are to where you want to be. Group and personal training style gym, not for the faint of heart. We created the new logo shape to represent the cycle of life with cut outs to show the gym is male and female orientated.

Fitness Social meet-up App.

A new Social meet-up App for people interested in connecting via activities rather than bars and evenings out. The brand icon needed to be contemporary, appealing to all ages and unique.


“Exertion or effort directed to accomplish something”

A new sports apparel label designed to wear at the gym, the street or on the dance floor. For him, for her. The ‘W’ an interpretation of the infinity symbol, to symbolize continuous ‘without limits’ movement the body can enjoy with this label.

GAYBULL. Alcoholic Beverage Brand Design.

We created a unique, strong and visually striking logo to launch this new alcoholic beer. The main bull’s head logo to be used across all branding, with other interpretations of the head to be used for sales and events.

manus + co logo design

Manus+co, a Manhattan based company supporting and encouraging growth to community-based organizations, in particular the arts, as such, they wanted a logo that was lose and represented an abstract form of art.


The Italian Restaurant logo design needed to be modern to attract the younger demographic, but have a classic feel to highlight heritage of the restaurant and the classic slant on the ‘modern Italian’ menu. We choose a classic script font and mixed it with a variety of fonts listing the food on the menu – this was then followed through on menu’s, stationery and the interior window graphics.

Libertas Recruitment Agency brand development.

For the logo design we created a strong and contemporary design, which also gave a feeling of stability and has a strong symbol of recognition. The ‘A’ in the company name replaced with an upward moving arrow – raised to show the progressive nature of the company, also the three key elements involved; the client, the candidate and Libertas.

Brooklyn Women’s Services

A Brooklyn based women’s health private practice which had been established for over 20 years needed a facelift. We wanted to focus the logo on the freedom women now have over their minds and bodies.

Utiliti Cloud Services

Company logo design, corporate stationery, signage and website design. Utiliti is a pioneer and progressive managed and cloud hosting service company. Their logo needed to be clean, contemporary and able to stand out in a global market and in the high profile ‘Cloud’ arena.