How a good website helps grow your business

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One of the biggest comments I hear from potential clients is that they are so busy working in their business, they don’t have time to work on it… The answer is simple. Get-on-line.

A functional and creative digital footprint will set your business growing on its own; essentials are Mobile-Ready Website and Social Media business pages.

How a good website helps grow your business

Powerful Introductions

Introduce your business to a much larger targeted audience, let people learn exactly who you are, what you’re offering and why you are better than the rest. And it works whether your market is local, national or global.

Make Sales Without Selling

If you hate selling, why not let your Website do it for you? When it’s written and organized right, your Website can:

  • Explain the benefits of buying your products or doing business with you
  • Answer questions with faq’s before viewers have even thought of the questions
  • Encourage interaction by having a form and other contact information

The result? If you end up talking to them personally, they are a serious potential client. No selling needed. So you waste less time on folks who aren’t your ideal client anyway.

Build Your List

The real value in any business is in the client list. First, because it is about seven times easier and less expensive to keep your past clients than it is to find new ones. Second, if you want to sell your business down the road, a long client list adds a ton of value for a prospective buyer.

And the easiest way to build this oh-so-valuable list is with your Website and Social Media. You may only personally meet 100 or so prospects a year. But hundreds, or even thousands, can stop by your Website each month. Over time, if you keep offering value and capturing their email addresses, people will go from being prospects, to clients, to raving fans.

Stand out in the crowd

Someone can be interested in what you’re selling, but not quite ready to buy right now. Or a client may need your products and services again in the future – don’t vanish, when they are ready, you want them to remember you. The easiest way to do that is with Social Media. Keeping your Social Media up to date and interesting will help grow your audience and keep you in the forefront of potential customers when the time is right!